Safety is a top priority at CGM Acoustics

We strive to improve our safety numbers with each year that passes. Keeping our employees safe is a priority with every job that we work on, no matter the size. We’re proud to have a long track record of safe practices and safety awareness. Before any worker — no matter his or her role or experience level — can set foot on a construction site, he or she must be fully aware of the possible hazards. Though most of a construction worker’s skills can be gained on the job, safety is one skill set that is best learned before workers enter the construction site.

MSDS/Safety – Fall Protection Program

Studies by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have concluded that injuries caused by overexertion and falls are the two primary hazards facing workers who handle drywall, accounting for more than two-thirds of injuries. Overexertion and muscle strains result most often from carrying, lifting, or holding drywall, with back injuries a common result.

Workers should wear protective footwear such as safety shoes, because dropping a sheet on one’s toes is painful and can result in a broken bone or other injury. In addition, gloves with PVC dots will improve a worker’s grip, as will drywall handles.